4 New Fundraising Ideas to Try Right Now!

Just about everyone we know has worked on a fundraising event. But one thing we all struggle with around here is finding new and different fundraising ideas. Charity walks are great, but how many can one local area sustain? Not to mention the potential for disaster if you are unlucky enough to have a bad weather event! Let’s try to think outside the box for a minute and come up with a few new and inventive fundraisers that won’t break the bank!

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Your organization thought about holding a silent auction, but decided against it since your volunteer base is running thin and the general perception is that it’s hard to get donations (by the way, UltimateDonations.org can TOTALLY help with that!). You don’t think the silent auction idea is a bad one, but you want a new take on it. Why not try a Karaoke War? For some reason unknown to me, people love karaoke! They love getting up on stage and singing, and they certainly love to be entertained by those willing to do so.  So why not capitalize on it!

A Karaoke War works like this: you have your typical karaoke set up ready to go—your karaoke machine, microphones, maybe a small stage… and a limited list of songs with lyrics. That’s where the twist comes in to play. In order to sing a song, people have to bid on the ones they want—just like in a regular silent auction, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! For a little extra fun, allow guests to sign up their friends for songs that they will have to outbid in order not to have to sing. Pair this with a traditional tricky tray or dinner, and it will certainly be a night of fun and FUNdraising!

Jail and Bails are another great fundraiser and the wonderful thing about them is that they are ALL profit. They work best piggybacking on another larger event, perhaps a town picnic, school homecoming, or big church potluck. The idea is simple. Find a few volunteers willing to be “arrested.” They don’t even have to be part of your organizations, but it does work best when they are well-known public figures, like your principal and a few teachers, your town’s mayor and some well-known community members, etc. Before the event starts, “bail” will be posted for each “jailbird.” The volunteers must find people to donate towards posting their bail. But here’s the catch, there is another pot for donations to keep those volunteers as “prisoners,” and as that pot grows, so does the amount of bail they need to get out. For instance, let’s say that you have agreed to be in “jail” and your bail is set at $100, but I come along and decide to donate $15 to keep you in jail. Now you must raise $115 to be released, and on and on. If you really want to have some fun, think about hanging signs on around your “prisoners” necks with their charges, or a sign that reads “CONVICTED of Raising Funds for (your cause here)” so everyone knows what the money is for.

Another fundraiser that has been picking up a lot of steam lately is the wine pull. It is a relatively easy fundraiser, and works particularly well in conjunction with a dinner, or tasting event. It works like this: attendees will purchase a mystery bottle of wine for a set price, let’s say $15. They then either select a wrapped bottle of wine, or draw a number from a bowl (depending on which method you decide on) and receive a bottle of wine from your selection of wines. The trick to this is having a wide range of values of wines—and more importantly, having these wines donated or sponsored. You’ll want a nice selection of wines, with the fewest amount being the most expensive, and the most plentiful amount of bottles being the cheapest. The great thing about this is that everyone walks home with a bottle of wine! Don’t forget you’ll need a few volunteers to wrap or number the bottles, and sell the wine.

If you’re still not quite sure that you have the man power to pull off a fundraising event yet, what about this idea? It’s been my experience that I can always count on the fact that people love getting a deal. If this is true, then our friends over at Fundraising.com {affiliate link} have come up with the perfect fundraiser.The Great American National Savings Pass is a nifty little card that gives you access to 289,000+ local and nationwide discounts. Redeemable at 350,000+ locations, enjoy incredible savings at AMC /Regal, Macy’s, Jiffy Lube, Papa John’s and more! They can even be customized with local deals and your personal colors for maximum appeal. How does it work? Your organization purchases the Great American National Savings Pass for $10 each. Your organization then turns around and sells these savings passes for $20. Your supporters can get hundreds of dollars worth of savings with these little passes at thousands of merchants nationally. It’s a no-brainer, and your organization makes 50% of the profit. Think about it. If your organization has 20 members, and each member sells just 5 cards—that is equal to $1000 for your organization! Plus, because the Great American National Savings Pass partners with merchants from all over the country, your volunteers can sell these cards to out-of-town family and friends!

There are tons of ways out there to raise money for your organizations, but we think these are 4 up-and-coming fundraisers that you should claim for your organization before other organizations do! Don’t forget that we’re also running our Donor Spotlight Giveaway this month. Check out tips for getting a donation from Disney plus your chance to win a $100 gift card to the Disney Store for your fundraising event here!

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What do you think? Have you tried any of these fundraising ideas? If so, how did it go? If not, which one would you consider?


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