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What a game changer. I hated having to spend weeks at the computer and driving around town to request donations. Now, I spend a quarter of the time and get way more results!

Gloria Connoly
Feed Comal's Kids

“I really love this website. Instead of spending forever trying to figure out who is out there we can just fill out a couple forms and bam, we have a list. Now we have our work in one place, too, so there's not such a hassle keeping up with who has done what in our committee. Huge time saver!”

Erica Locke, Give Paws Shelter

The largest Ultimate Donation List 2024

What could you accomplish if you didn't have to spend hours researching for your fundraising events? We've already done the footwork for you. Using our proprietary software, Ultimate Donations provides your organization with a list of companies that are more likely to donate products to your charity and event. All you have to do is pick the ones you want. When you've made your custom list, you'll receive a solicitation queue, which comes with information on each donor and direct links to solicit and contact them. It's all organized so that you can fly right through the process!

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We've discovered that a lot of the time the problem our customers are having isn't what donations they are asking for, or even whom they are asking; the problem is how they are asking. So we've added a solicitation letter review to each purchase - one of our experts will personally review your solicitation letter and recommend any changes. This service is included at no extra cost to you, but is of course optional.

  • Learn about companies that donate in your area
  • Save yourself hours of time spent researching
  • Keep everything in one, organized place
  • Expert review of your solicitation letter

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    Browse donors in one short sitting instead of wading through websites for hours on end.

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    We point you to the donors that you qualify for so you don't need to hunt for qualification info.

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    You get a one-stop contact list tailored for you so you never have to worry about taking notes.

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    Solicit for donations, call donors, and track your progress all from your smartphone or mobile device.

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    Locate the and supplies you need and discover new companies to build relationships with.

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    Keep your group organized with a repository of who you have and haven't yet contacted.